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Borodinskiy Bread – Dark Russian Rye Bread (Breadmaker Recipe)

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Borodinskiy is a famous dark Russian bread with a dense, slightly crumbly texture and tangy taste. Since it’s made with 50% rye flour and 50% whole wheat flour, it has less gluten than regular all-wheat bread and is digested more easily. Sometimes it’s spiced with coriander and/or caraway seeds. The secret to Borodinskiy bread is malt or malt extract. For a while I could not find malt at any grocery store, so I got creative and used instead a canned mixture for making dark beer at home. Malt is the main ingredient in that beer kit, but it also contains hops which added an interesting slightly bitter note to the taste of my bread. Then one day I spotted a jar of barley malt at Save-On-Foods and could make Borodinsky bread using the original recipe. It turns out malt extract is not actually that difficult to find – it’s sold at many health and nutrition stores. It is a very sticky semi-solid dark brown substance similar to molasses, but thicker.

Recently I bought “Dark Russian Rye Bread” that is now sold at many local grocery stores here in Vancouver. It’s not bad for making sandwiches, but this soft sweetish bread is nowhere near the authentic Russian rye bread. You would not find a really soft North American type sandwich bread in Russia – all Russian breads have denser texture. Borodinskiy is most often sold in the shape of a brick – so when made in a breadmaker, it comes out almost perfectly authentic!



3 thoughts on “Borodinskiy Bread – Dark Russian Rye Bread (Breadmaker Recipe)

  1. AayMaya

    Um, your picture shows so called “grey” bread = rye type but certainly not Borodinky “black”, just letting you know :)

  2. Yuliya Post author

    This picture really does not do it justice – I can see how the bread can appear grey, but in real life it’s dark brown just like Borodkinskiy is supposed to be. Russian grey bread (such as Darnitskiy) is a different recipe, delicious in its own right, but this picture is most certainly of Borodinskiy bread.

    Thanks for the pointer – I’ll have to remember to take a different picture the next time I make Borodinkiy bread :) .

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