Okanagan hikes: Mount Boucherie

Mount Boucherie hike, though given a rating of “moderate to difficult” by a local hiking website, is only 200 m in elevation gain and around 5 km in length. Unlike BC Coastal Mountains, there are few hikes with huge elevations gains in the Okanagan. Nonetheless, it was a fun hike. Mount Boucherie is actually an extinct volcano that was active 50-60 million years ago, so you will see some interesting geological formations along the the trail.

We started in mid-afternoon on a hot and sunny day, which I definitely don’t recommend because it was just too hot. The trail (from Boundary Road trailhead) starts on an exposed hillside and is a gradual climb with a lot of switchbacks. You will see some Ponderosa pines with trunks charred by a fire that ravished the mountainside a few years ago.

Mount Boucherie hike – balsamrooms

Near the top, you will reach a big stand of Ponderosa pines. It’s much cooler here, with fresh breeze coming from the lake and mingling with the heavenly pine scent. I should also mention that in late May, the entire mountainside was covered with blooming balsamroots! That’s what really made this hike stand out for me.

Ponderosa pine forest

We also saw some pretty purple flowers called bitterroots.

Bitterroot plant


Ponderosa pine

Once at the top, you have an option to go right, where, after a few minutes of walking,  you will reach a viewpoint looking south over the Okanagan lake. If you choose to go left, you can walk along the mountaintop for 1.5 km or so until you finally reach the viewpoint looking north over to Kelowna. The north viewpoint is much better, in my opinion.

View over Okanagan Lake to Kelowna

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