Okanagan hikes: Pincushion Mountain via Trepanier Creek

Some websites will tell you that there is no longer a connection between these two hikes Pincushion Mountain hike and Trepanier Creek hike, but it’s still doable, you just need to cross on an abandoned golf course.

This hike begins at Trepanier Creek trailhead in the residential area of Peachland up in the hills. The broad tree-lined trail has very little elevation gain in its first part. As you hike through sunny pine forest dotted with balsamroot flowers, you will see the rushing Trepanier Creek below. I really enjoyed this portion of the hike. Trepanier Creek trail continues on, but to get to the Pincusion trail, you need to veer left and follow a steep logging road that’s no longer in use. Eventually, the trail becomes really faint. Finally, you will scramble briefly over loose rock and come out at a clearing that looks like an abandoned golf course project. Waking to the road that leads to the right, you will see a trail on your left-hand side. That connects you to the Pincushion Mountain trail. Now you just need to hike to the top, where you will get a nice surprise – a huge Canadian flag against the backdrop of the blue Okanagan Lake! Time for some pictures!

On the way back, we hiked down on the proper Pincusion trail, ending at Pincushion trailhead (not Trepanier). There are quite a few sections at the bottom of the trail that are covered in loose rock and it’s easy to slip. Hiking shoes with good traction are a good idea!  To get back to the cars, which were parked at Trepanier trailhead, we had to walk down on residential streets for about 10 minutes.

Trepanier Creek Trail
Wildflowers along Trepanier Trail
Pincushion Mountain – view over Okanagan Lake

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