3 Great June Hikes Near Vancouver

June is a tricky month for hiking – usually snow still lingers in the mountains, making many higher-elevation trails inaccessible/dangerous/unpleasant to hike on. These 3 trails are great moderate-difficulty trails open for hiking in June.   1. Mt. Elphinstone Trailhead location: near Langdale on Sunshine Coast, BC Trail stats: 18 km (26 km if walking from the […]

Myra Canyon (KVR trail)

Myra Canyon is part of the Kettle Valley Railway trail, an abandoned railway that was converted for recreational use. A feat of engineering in its heyday, the railway was constructed over steep mountain terrain using the route of the least resistance, meaning that the grades were never more than 2.2%. Between 1920s and 1950s, the KVR allowed heavy […]

Weekend Trip to Leavenworth, WA: Day 2 – Icicle Ridge via Fourth of July Creek hike

After packing up camp in the morning, we headed to the Fourth of July Creek trailhead located just a few kilometres up the Icicle Creek Road. The Icicle Ridge hike is locally infamous for rattlesnakes, ticks, dust, and the heat furnace effect in the summer. Lucky for us, this early in the season, we encountered none […]