Cast Iron Cookware

cast iron pot plov, cast iron le creuset, cat iron non stick, cast iron plov

My cast iron pot is my favorite cookware item in the kitchen. I got it about 8 years ago from Zellers and cured it myself since it wasn’t enameled. Curing means rubbing the pot with oil and baking it to produce a black non-stick finish. After that’s repeated a number of times, the pot is cured and ready for use. It must be treated as gently as any other non-stick pot – no metal utensils, no washing in dishwasher, etc.

Tkemali Sauce (Georgian Tart Plum Sauce)

Tkemali Sauce, georgian plum sauce

This fragrant Georgian sauce is made of tart green, yellow, or red plums and garlic with some traditional herb mixture. It gained popularity in Russia as a condiment to traditional dishes such as pelmeni (meat dumplings), pork chops, etc. It’s used in a manner similar to ketchup.

Outside of Russia and Georgia, commercially prepared tkemali sauce can be found in Russian food stores. I’m sure there is at least one Russian store in all major cities in the US and Canada. They are often named something like Euro Foods or European Foods.

If you happen to find some tart plums, it’s easy to make tkemali at home.

Khmeli-Suneli Herb Mix

hmeli suneli, Georgian spice

A complex and fragrant herb mix used in many staple Georgian dishes like kharcho soup, chahohbili, and satsivi. Khmeli-Suneli is a complex herb mix essential to Georgian cuisine. It is used in dishes like chahohbili, satsivi, and kharcho soup. Pre-packaged khmeli-suneli can be found in Russian ethnic food stores (they are usually disguised under names […]